Indian Lime Pickle

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Made over three weeks this authentic hot, sour and salty uncooked Indian pickle tickles and cleanses the palate, stimulates the appetite and adds colour to the table.It provides the fifth dimension to a curry or alternatively if you love hot spicy appetisers serve with pappadams and raita before an Indian meal.It can made with or without the  asafoetida powder with equally good results.    Read More . . .


Preserved Garlic: A mellow melange of deliciousness

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A garlic lovers delight and ever so simple. Transform ordinary garlic into a sweet, aromatic and creamy accompaniment that’s perfect served whole in salads, on an anti pasta platters or spread directly onto baguettes or bruschetta as a base flavour. Native to the “garlic crescent “of Central Asia, garlic has been transported and adopted into the folklore, medicine and cuisines of countries around the world. Due to its intense flavour, it is used predominately as a condiment rather than a bulk vegetable.

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